Flipping the Scripture

How does a Baptist church in the most affluent neighborhood in Charlotte spread the word that contrary to what you may think, they’re all about inclusivity?

Creative Idea:

Attendance and membership at Myers Park Baptist Church was down. They came to us wanting a name change, we gave them a complete rebrand. With so many transplants moving to Charlotte, people didn’t really know who they were. Myers Park is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina. That coupled with “Baptist Church” communicated exclusivity and conservatism. But that’s the exact opposite of what the church has been about since 1943. So after doing some strategic discovery, we felt keeping the name would actually work to our advantage when we screamed from the mountain top what they were really all about—inclusivity, community, spirituality and social justice.

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We’re proud to say after our campaign, their attendance and membership now goes far beyond the affluent neighborhood and represents the true racial, gender and economic diversity of Charlotte. Giving was up 400% during the middle of a pandemic, new membership tripled during 2020 with most new members never stepping foot inside the church, and online viewing was up 500%. There were multiple feature stories about the church on the news and they are now a go-to-source for nationwide press.

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