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How does a restaurant leverage its new revamped menu to overcome negative perceptions and bring people back?

Creative Idea:

Hickory Tavern was once a beloved restaurant but lost its focus on delicious food and a customer-centric experience. Their numbers were rock bottom and customer reviews were scathing. With new leadership and an executive chef ready to right the ship, they created a new menu 100% focused on bringing out the most flavor in foods. No cutting corners on preparation or ingredients. Plain and simple, it was food made the right way. The New Making it Right Menu was born. For former customers who had bad experiences in the past, this had a double meaning. It acted as an apology to them, signaling that we knew we lost our way, but we were ready to make up for it with flavor. The creative made the food the hero but also gave Hickory Tavern a likable humorous tone to grab attention and win people over with a personality you just can't stay mad at.  

A new voice and personality for the brand. 

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Example of how this campaign translated to digital media buys.

Hickory Tavern is Making it Right, and Guests are Taking Notice.


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This campaign is not just meeting but surpassing benchmarks across all media placements. More significantly, it's driving a notable increase in restaurant foot traffic. The latest customer reviews are a testament to the fact that Hickory Tavern is not only keeping its promise of "Making it Right" but is also far exceeding expectations.