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How does a new hard cider company create a brand from scratch that stays true to their Maine roots?

Creative Idea:

We worked hand-in-hand with the founders to make sure we were creating an authentic brand that was true to their vision. Maine has a rich history of cider and in this case, history repeats itself. So we used real historical images from the region to bring the brand to life. What we created together is unique to the cider industry and is quickly expanding beyond the borders of Maine.

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Freedom’s Edge Cider went from zero awareness to a household name in Maine in less than a year. Our unique tractor gear shift tap handle can now be seen in bars and restaurants across the state. They’re at max production and fulfillment capacity, with plans to triple production in the next few months and start distributing nationwide. We’ll continue to help this family-owned business spread the word and the taste of tasty Maine Cider. Cheers!