Assura Celebration Hack Hero

How does a cybersecurity company break through the clutter on LinkedIn during Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Creative Idea:

We hack LinkedIn. But not in a cyber attack kind of way. More like an IKEA hack, where you take something existing and put your own spin on it to create something new. In this case, it's the LinkedIn "Celebrate an Occasion" feature. You've seen these templated animated graphics people share to celebrate a new position, certification, or other milestones. Assura, a leader in cybersecurity, hacked LinkedIn's illustration style to create celebrations all organizations should be having if they're secure.

Our humorous hacked celebrations with a cybersecurity spin. 

Private Parts


Our celebration hack certainly disrupted LinkedIn and got Assura noticed. Assura's site traffic during the campaign increased by 40%. The goal of this campaign was to leverage Cybersecurity Awareness Month to raise Assura's profile with new and potential customers. We accomplished this and then some, creating our own reason to celebrate.