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How does the best-kept secret in cybersecurity stand out in a sea of cyber sameness?

Creative Idea:

Assura has been in the cybersecurity business for over fifteen years. They came to nez&pez looking for help differentiating themselves from the competition. A total rebrand was the answer. We worked with the Assura team to uncover their true personality and made sure that came through at every customer touchpoint. Included in their new brand identity were a new logo, tagline, and website. The new look, tone, feel and brand voice now fits who they truly are.

A value proposition with personality. 

Targeting specific industries. 

A cohesive brand at every touchpoint. 

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SIEM Revised 7 8 2022
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The Assura brand launch has been a huge success. They now have a brand that fits their personality and stands out from the competition. Social media engagement has increased by 31%, website traffic has increased by 28%, and sales are on the rise. They're now expanding their customer base nationally and beyond.