Stellar Cyber partners with nez&pez to launch its nonprofit.

At nez&pez, we thrive on challenges that blend creativity with cause marketing, especially when it involves educating and protecting our younger generations. We had the privilege of partnering with Stellar Cyber on their new non-profit initiative, "Don't Click It, Pitch It!"—a program to safeguard kids, teens, and young adults from the dangers of clicking malicious links. This initiative called for an innovative approach that resonated with a demographic highly engaged online but potentially unaware of the lurking cyber threats.

Though often overlooked, GenZ and Alpha are major targets for attacks.

A 2023 study by Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab uncovered a startling statistic: children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults. Moreover, a significant number of teens and young adults reported being hacked or scammed in the previous year. These figures not only highlighted the vulnerability of our target audience but also underscored the urgent need for effective cybersecurity education.

Crafting a campaign that connects and educates.

When taking on this project, the challenge was clear: how do we communicate a serious message about cybersecurity in a way that is engaging and not preachy? We knew we had to create something that was both educational and entertaining. We decided to use a fun and quirky approach to illustrate the dos and don'ts of online clicking behaviors.

Our campaign juxtaposed everyday safe clicking actions relevant to our target audience—like using a Pez dispenser, gaming controllers, or engaging with videos and calls from trusted contacts like grandma—with the risky clicks that could lead to phishing attacks. This approach was designed to make the abstract concept of cybersecurity tangible and relatable for young viewers, teaching them to navigate online interactions smartly and safely.

The concept utilized vibrant animations and scenarios that mirrored the viewers' daily interactions, presented in a simple, yet visually appealing style. Humor and references to popular culture were woven throughout to keep the viewers entertained while they learned what to watch out for. In addition to the video, we also created stills that featured our scenarios for social media and posters that are being distributed to school districts across the country. 




Longterm aspirations. 

Looking forward, Stellar Cyber's vision to educate over five million teens by 2030 about cybersecurity is ambitious but critical. The initiative is not just about immediate education but fostering a generation that is inherently more aware and prepared to tackle cyber threats.

Leveraging creativity for the greater good.

Creating the "Don't Click It, Pitch It!" video was not just another project for us at nez&pez; it was a contribution towards a safer digital future for the next generation. This campaign epitomizes our belief that creative content can profoundly influence behaviors and mindsets. We are proud to be part of a movement that not only raises awareness but also equips young individuals with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves in an increasingly digital world. 

Learn more about “Don’t Click it, Pitch it!” by visiting their site or following their Instagram.