Cyber Con Blog 2

Our Key Takeaway from CyberMarketingCon? Empathy. 

CyberMarketingCon is an annual conference where primarily in-house marketing professionals in the cybersecurity industry come together for thought leadership discussions, workshops, and networking. For the nez&pez team, attending this conference as a vender/partner for the first time marked a unique experience that transcended traditional industry insights. We thought about giving our perspective on the topics discussed, such as the death of the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), a return to branding and awareness investment despite being untrackable, the latest data and targeting tools, etc. And we may do that in a future post, but here, we want to focus on a key emotional takeaway that was both profound and unexpected –empathy. Now just to be clear, we've always had a level of empathy toward our clients and their challenges, but this conference humanized it like never before. So much so that we feel this type of marketing conference is a must-attend for any agency wanting to be a better partner to the companies they support. And if you have been to one, but it's been more than a year or two, it's been too long. The environment changes so rapidly in marketing from one year to the next that your attendance needs to be recent to have a true understanding of the current climate. In this post, we'll highlight why this conference was so unique and how it delivered such a compelling and insightful narrative. Then, we'll end with why empathy leads to better collaboration efforts and more impactful results. 

What was so different?

Presenters at CyberMarketingCon went beyond the conventional case studies, offering a raw and unfiltered account of their experiences. The authenticity and vulnerability demonstrated by these industry leaders provided a deeper understanding of the genuine challenges cybersecurity marketers face today. Success stories were not merely a highlight reel; they were narratives filled with wrong turns, challenges of entering roles with limited experience, and the courage to discard conventional beliefs for new paths. The honesty displayed during the conference transformed topics into relatable narratives far beyond what we've typically seen and have come to expect from conferences with similar formats. Personal stories created a profound connection, allowing attendees to relate on a deeper level and appreciate the genuine marketing struggles and triumphs.

Up close and personal. 

Throughout the conference, everyone was so welcoming and approachable, creating an inviting atmosphere where meaningful connections took center stage.Conversations revolved around connecting with people and making relationships. We engaged with individuals from diverse roles and experience levels within cybersecurity marketing, which provided a more holistic understanding of the industry ecosystem. The perennial tension between sales and marketing was a common theme throughout the speaker series, revealing intricacies and challenges not fully comprehended or appreciated previously. This focus emphasized that positive results only materialized when marketing and sales were harmonious, underscoring the critical need for collaboration and synergy between the two departments. These types of insights go beyond isolated challenges, shining a light on factors like company culture and attribution models as major indicators for aiding to achieve overarching goals.

How these insights affect us going forward. 

Overall, the conference showcased the human side of cybersecurity marketing, delivering a deeper understanding of the clients we collaborate with and support. In our role, we pride ourselves on being like sponges during the discovery phase of relationships, absorbing every detail about client products or services. Yet, the intricacies of internal dynamics have, at times, remained in the shadows, casting subtle ripples across our strategic initiatives. Now, armed with a nuanced understanding of the storylines that unfold within companies based on their size and team dynamics, our approach will undoubtedly evolve. We recognize that these underlying narratives are not just intriguing anecdotes; they are invaluable keys that unlock a deeper comprehension of client challenges and aspirations. This additional awareness will serve as a compass, ensuring that our initiatives resonate with the heartbeat of the client's organization. The result is not just a transactional relationship but a collaborative journey, delivering work that stands as a testament to the power of empathy, understanding, and a shared commitment to success.